Lets Talk About Tree Removal Services

Trees can either be assets or liabilities.  This is why there must be tree removal at some point. If the tree is diseased or damaged, it is of no economic value and hence it has got to be removed. Contacting a professional Sutherland Shire arborist can help you to safely remove a tree without exposing you to a lot of risks.  Choosing an arborist that is qualified may be the right thing you need to do.  There are a number of questions you need to find answers before seeking these important services. The questions include:

•           Is the company you want to hire accredited?

•           Is the owner a certified arborist?

•           Is the tree lopping service he is offering insured?

•           Are they able to give you their plan on how they will carry out the work?

•           In some counties you may be required to obtain a permit before you can engage the services of an arborist.

Other important factor which you need to consider includes:

•           The landscape where the tree is.

•           Any native vegetation which may need to be protected

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You may be required to obtain permits to allow you to conduct tree removal on vegetation that may exist in the area where you need to work.  In some cases, you may just be required to get a consent permit from the council.  However there are cases where you may not have to apply for the permit. They include:

•           When you are complying with a notice requiring the removal of trees or native vegetation

•           Clearing for electricity lines

•           If you just want to prune your trees for regeneration

•           If you’re planning permit authorizes Hurstville Tree Removal of trees and which had been approved eerier on and which is still valid.


Tree Removal Services
Tree Removal Services

To apply for the permit, you need to pick an application form from your local council’s office. In some cases, you may not need to walk all the way to the shire council’s office but you can download the form online.  After getting the form, you need to carefully fill it providing the details that the form wants to capture.  You need to attach a certificate of title and the scaled plans before you submit your form.  The charges you need to pay are indicated on the forms and depend on what you want to remove, the area of vegetation or the number of trees you want to remove.