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Before you remove any tree, there are natural conservation guidelines that one must abide by and follow. They must then obtain a tree removal permit that allows him to remove the trees.  Protected trees include:

  • Any tree which is eight inches or more
  • Trees located within the shore land
  • Trees of any size located on any village
  • Trees which are designated as landmark trees

Other than this, one needs to comply with tree mitigation policy which allows him to remove the trees.  The guideline in the policy specifies that:

  • One must replace any protected tree which has been removed
  • The replacement must be 2’’
  • The replacement tree must be maintained for 3 years
  • A replacement fee must be paid prior to the removal especially when tree replacement is not needed.

The tree removal exercise requires that one should pay a removal fee of about $50 and an addition $10 for every tree removed. However one may receive a waiver on the fee in the following circumstances:

  • Trees removed in government tree nurseries
  • Trees that are in danger of falling or those confirmed dead
  • Removal of trees during emergence period or natural calamities
  • Removal of the trees by the village from property owned by the village
  • Removal of trees confirmed as nuisance

There are other tree removal guidelines where 30 % of the trees require approval through conditional permits.  Some of the requirements include:

  • Demarcating disturbance boundaries lines especially the disturbance boundary
  • Placing barriers such as a fence around protected trees which should not be removed
  • To support the marking of the disturbance boundary line, signage will have to be installed
  • One should ensure that here are no stock piling storage materials or discharge of the contaminants.
  • The movement of construction materials or vehicles shall be restricted.

There are also other tree protective ordinances which may be enforced by your city or county. That is why whenever you are planning to remove a tree removal from your compound, hiring the services of a tree professional may be helpful.

Generally, it may not be easy for one to know the ramification facing tree removal without getting in touch with green communities even if the trees are yours. He communities impose restrictive fines intended to make it difficult for you to remove a tree without proper authorization.  Getting to know what the community’s expectations could be helpful.

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Hurstville council tree removal
Hurstville council tree removal

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